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Subject: Hello Playwrights...
Author: SE Mentalist
Date: 9/16/2004 1:22:55 PM:

Hello Playwrights!
Was it you lot who (sorry for the f word) Friendstered me? If not, sorry about that - but just read your bio, you sound ace so some good has come from my misunderstanding! If so, sorry I haven't accepted yet - bloody thing keeps crashing. I am the one with a tampon held out in 'hilarious' style around my crutch..
When are you next playing?
Subject: Hello Playwrights...
Author: Maff
Date: 9/18/2004 12:35:34 AM:

hey it was probably Ben on Friendster - he's always on there... next show is 20th October @ Archway Tavern somewhere in London.


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